1. A Complete Guide to Crawling Inside Your Customer’s Head With Empathy Maps - Copyblogger

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    Don’t start with a product, start with your customer. Improve your business by learning how to use empathy maps to serve your specific audience’s needs.

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  2. Service Blueprints: Laying the Foundation

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    You may be familiar with customer journey mapping, which is a tool that allows stakeholders to better understand customer interactions with their product or service over time. The service blueprint contains the customer journey as well as all of the interactions that make that journey possible.

    Because of this, service blueprints can be used to better deliver a successful customer experience. Think of it this way: you can look at a building, and you can read a description, but to build the building you need more than an image or description. You need the instructions – the blueprint.

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  3. How Gamification Will Deliver The Ultimate Digital Customer Experience

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    In the past decade, we have seen the initial building of a social media layer across the world.
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  4. Web & Product Design in Mondrian style [+ @Scenttrail’s 1st Web Site circa 1999]

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    Mondrian Grids
    First website I created in 1999 used a Mondrian grid. FoundObjects.com had SO MUCH information we needed a grid. Since we sold artist inspired gifts and cool stuff such as Magnetic Poetry Kit I worked hard to write the HTML to create a Mondrian grid manually.

    There are “new designer” mistakes such as too many fonts and over selling the click I wouldn’t make today, but maybe it was worth figuring out how to write the html to do those lines (took weeks and was named in my divorce lol).

    I’m not alone in love for Mondrian as this link shows.

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  5. Why everybody wants a piece of your smartphone’s lock screen

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    It seems like every new app you download these days practically begs you to turn on notifications, or the ability to send you alerts when the app isn’t running. Sometimes these alerts are useful, as in the case of apps that tell you when a taxi has arrived or a message has been received. But there are many more…

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    Interesting insights into Persuasive Design in action…

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  6. Goodbye #Mobile #Apps, Hello Multi-Device #Experiences

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    Your app runs in a little square.All the money you spend on developers, design teams, content production and infrastructure for your app essentially boils down to a little square. Sometimes it’s a bigger square. Sometimes it’s more of a rectangle. And sometimes your app is responsive and tries to adjust itself as the square changes shape.But in the end, your brand’s communications still come down to that little square. Topic: Web CMS.

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  7. 5 New Design Careers for the 21st Century

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    Given the urgent, complex challenges our world faces, expect to see more design jobs emerging.

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  8. What is Product Design? — Medium

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    This frequently misunderstood field is in need of a proper definition. 

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    ALL Products need an Experience!

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  9. Trust in Experience Design | UX Magazine

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  10. 5 Things UX And UI Designers Could Learn From Wes Anderson

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    Lessons from the most meticulous filmmaker alive.

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  11. Experiential coding: The science behind experience design

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    Our senses fuel our perceptions of the objects and events that surround us. Yet as marketers we’re often limited to just two of them—sight and sound. How much … (What is the science behind experience design?

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  12. 'The Internet Of Things' Will Change Virtually Everything About How Large Companies Operate

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    The Internet of Things will create new priorities, costs, and opportunities in virtually every industry.

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    … And about how ALL Experiences are both designed and consumed! #InnovateorDie #ConnectedBrain

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  13. 3 key #Data Driven Marketing Opportunities

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    Famed writer and technologist Daniel Keys Moran once said, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” This statement is becoming increasingly accurate …

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  14. Unicorn Invasion SlideShare

  15. Hangouts for Entrepreneurs: Lean Startup Meets Design Thinking

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    Eric Ries of The Lean Startup and Tim Brown, CEO of the famed design firm IDEO discuss their respective philosophies and how they can be used by entrepreneurs and creatives alike. In addition,…

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    An excellent dichotomy that bridges the Experience gap!

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