1. #polamatic #polaroid #polaroids (at Northpoint Mall Softplay Area)

    #polamatic #polaroid #polaroids (at Northpoint Mall Softplay Area)

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  3. Going Beyond Convention In Website Design - Examples

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    Over the past few years, we have gotten used to certain standards in web design. In order to make a lasting impression on your visitors, you need to build experiences that go beyond those of a plain, usable website. This does not mean usability has become any less important. It just takes on a different role in web design, now forming the basis for a great user experience for examples of great usability website.

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  4. Purity vs Pragamtism

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    We cling to new processes and methodologies as silver bullets for the problems that plague our organizations. You can see this in the agile, lean, lean ux an…

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  5. Lessons in #CustExp @Uber

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    Customers aren’t willing to suffer through badly designed experiences anymore. Case in point: the cab industry. Since the public hackney coach service was launched in London in the 17th Century — all the way through to today — the experience has literally gone unchanged: 1) Riders hail cabs (coaches back then) on the side of …

    Michael Allenberg's insight:

    Designing Experiences involves designing end-to-end solutions, not just “shiny interactions.”

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  6. Parallax Scrolling Websites and SEO - A Collection of Solutions and Examples

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    I have observed that there are many articles that say parallax scrolling is not ideal for search engines. Parallax Scrolling is a design technique and it is ideal for search engines if you know how to apply it. I have collected a list of great tutorials and real SEO-friendly parallax websites to help the community learn how to use both techniques together.

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  7. Does Your Web Design SING? New Neuromarketing Research Suggests It Should

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    How does your web design SOUND? Strange question, but new neuromarketing research suggests we mentally sound out words we read. Implications for web designers are significant and new.

    Most web designers care about how their design LOOKS, but maybe we should worry about how our sites SOUND too. Sound is a HUGE learning aid and one easy to overlook as we focus on colors, font and line.

    Adds weight to how VOGUE uses alliteration to create powerful marketing as discussed in 8 Visual Marketing Tips from Vogue

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  8. User Experience - Understanding Customer’s Needs and Exceeding Their Expectations

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    Presentation by Brady Pierzchalski from Laughlin Constable at the Insight Summit Series: 2014 Digital Advertising + Marketing Summit

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  9. Leading By Design

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    Through my involvement in Cooper U’s Design Leadership course, I’ve learned techniques to repeat the success of these leaders. These skills and practices are vital to selling a vision, uniting a team, and achieving organizational consent. The following overview touches on some of my favorites — which are simple, yet powerfully effective.

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  10. Bringing Users into Your Process Through Participatory Design

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  11. How to start a side project: 21 pro tips

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    Every designer should have a side project. But whether you are developing a world changing start-up, an enterprise to eventually replace your day job, or just something fun, you’ll inevitably be sacrificing your spare time.

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    Not UX-related per se… But a very good and relevant read!

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  12. 10 Visual Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

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    Don’t Make These 10 Web Design Mistakes

    1. Don’t Use Flash.
    2. Careful with fonts easy to do bad.
    3. Text over images - Not So Much.
    4. Too Many Ads.
    5. No Clear Call To Action.

    6. Too much text (break up with graphics or multiple pages).

    7. Bad link colors.

    8. Popups suck (don’t do it).

    9. Tiny font size.

    10. Long paragraphs especially problem longer the post.  

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  13. Design meets Data (Linked, Open, Heterogeneous)

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    Presentation by Duane Degler from Design for Context, at the 2014 Museums and the Web Conference in Baltimore, MD, on April 5, 2014.

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  14. The IA-o-Meter

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    The results are in! I reckon you’re 56% Information Architect Tell your friends: Your rating will go here.

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    I LOVE THIS!!!

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